COVER REVEAL (and teaser)!



Awakened by Fire (Dragons of Bloodfire #2) will be releasing in January. I’m so excited to share Warrick and Samantha’s story with you. Links and more will be coming soon, but for now, check out the sexy cover and this little tease…


Warrick’s head dipped and he nuzzled the woman’s shoulder. “Can I have your birthmark?”

“It’s kind of attached to me,” his lady friend answered…in Samantha’s voice.

She’d always hated hearing her own voice outside her head, but it terrified her now.

“Of course, it stays where it is,” he grumbled as his weight shifted forward again. “But I want to call it my own.”

Samantha-in-the-bed laughed. “Maybe we can work something out.”

No no no. This could not be happening. Samantha dove through the darkness toward the bed. Because damn. And—Oh, God—Samantha-in-the-bed was under Warrick Voclain. All six feet five inches of him. If she’d been hot before, now her skin felt as if it were exposed to the sun going supernova. And it was bliss.

They’d never been….

Well, maybe in her imagination, but still….

He tilted his head away from the bed, eyes dragon bright, and for a second, she was sure he could see her staring aghast at him from the mists of time.

No no no. No sex with Warrick Voclain. She was going home to Phoenix, where she would agree to be set up by Jill. Nice guy. House. Pool. Where she’d cool the hell off.

She backed away. “I’ve moved on,” she told Warrick. “Nice ass, though.”


I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope that you are all enjoying the start of 2016. Stay tuned for more information about Awakened by Fire, and loads of other exciting stuff, as well.

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