I’m Back!

I have a new book cover—for a brand new series—and I love it. The cover is up on my desktop so I can peek at it whenever I want. Which is often. Because I’m so excited. And terrified. Damn, it feels good to be putting stories out into the world again.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ll slow down, back up, and start over. I’m back. Obviously. What was I doing all this time? Health stuff mostly. However, I’ve found my new normal, and with the help of my sweet husband Matt, my supportive and encouraging kids, and my tyrant of a dog, I’m writing again.

Correction: I’ve been writing because the first book, The Stone God, is coming out next month. It’s got gods and monsters and a slow-burn romance. I’ll tell you all about it once I have pre-order links, which will be soon. (Cue heart attack.)

And I’ve got a second brand new urban fantasy series (co-authored) coming out this summer. I can’t say more yet except that every time it’s my turn to work on it, I find myself grinning, or laughing, or cackling.

And I’m freshening up my backlist, starting with my Shadow Series books. They are getting a light revision and new covers, and they will be re-released this summer. I’ll send a newsletter when they are live, but you can see the new covers on my website now.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a smashing new website! It comes courtesy of Matt, who happens to be a web developer. It’s very handy having a tech person at home. Except he keeps fiddling with it.

I’m also opening my ARC team. Members get an advance copy of upcoming books for review. If you’re interested, look for a signup in an upcoming newsletter. If you were on my ARC team before, you should be getting an email from me this week.

Finally, I’ll be posting on this blog. I’ll make the same announcements here that I do in the newsletter, but I will also be more talky (writey?) about what I’ve been working on.

Harlow, laying at my feet, just grumbled at me. She has an impressive vocabulary in grumble. Her dictionary is titled The Trials and Tribulations of Harlow. Right now she’s saying, You’re done, Mom. I deserve a treat for all your hard work. We went through training school with her (twice! she failed the first time), but somehow, she ended up training us. How foolish of us to think it should be the other way around. 😉

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